Friday, 8 August 2008

Reclaimed paving

Despite the typically wet English summer we are having, peoples attentions are still turning to their gardens and outdoor living areas. Laying a patio or paving is a quick and easy way of creating a low-maintainance area to enjoy. We currently have a range of reclaimed paving in stock including York stone, Blue Lias, traditional Cotswold flag and the reclaimed sandstone pictured.

There is a large amount of this available at present. Being quite uniformed in both depth and flag sizes, it is incredibly easy to lay and the smooth finish means it even looks great when wet.

This is a very durable product, available in a range of colourings from blues to buff.

When buying reclaimed paving:

* We sell our paving by area rather than weight. This can be benificial as the thicker the slabs, the less you'd get to a tonne.

* Some larger pieces may be priced seperately as they can be harder to source.

* Look out for oil stains - if the paving has been reclaimed from an old mill or factory floor, they may be oil stained. This can be difficult to remove and when re-laid could seep out.

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