Friday, 24 October 2008

Winter's nearly here.......

Now is the perfect time to think about any fireplaces that need attention as the nights are drawing in and the temperature's definately starting to fall. We currently have a large selection of reclaimed fireplaces and surrounds from simple victorian cast iron grates to more ornate carved stone surrounds.
Fixtures and fittings such as fenders and firebaskets are also in stock.
There are many options to be considered for use in hearths: New slate pieces, reclaimed bricks (have you considered a herringbone design using smaller 2" bricks?) and various reclaimed flags to name a few.
Don't forget, we are able to offer a cutting service if needed to ensure a good fit!
Why not visit either the yard or our website for some inspiration? You could still get a new look in time for Christmas.........


This year we shall be closing on the 19th of December and returning on the 5th of January 2009

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