Friday, 29 May 2009


Our custom built Summerhouses are ideal for creating an outdoor living space to suit your surroundings. All are sympathetically designed to blend quickly into the landscape and the highest quality new and reclaimed materials are used throughout.
These oakframed buildings can be finished with a wide range of materials such as reclaimed bricks, lime mortar, stone or leaded glass. he roof could be tiled or thatched.

We have just completed building the Summerhouse above. A a simple octagonal oak frame weatherboarded and finished with a cedar shingle roof and leaded windows and doors. As this is a bespoke service, everything can be selected by the customer to suit their own taste; from the oak floorboards inside to the hand forged ironware decorating the windows and doors.

This example has been built in our yard for you to view. (As it has had time to weather and settle in, you would be forgiven for thinking it has always been here!) Why not pay us a visit and take a closer look? It may inspire you to take advantage of this service and come up with ideas of your own - maybe an outdoor office, sauna, pool changing area or just a garden room in which to sit and relax.........

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