Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Spring Has Finally Arrived!

Well, after what can only be described as a cold and miserable start to the year, we are now full of the joys of Spring here at Winchcombe Reclamation. The weather has, I feel, hindered some building jobs but everything now seems that little bit more positive and the odd bit of blue sky and warmer weather definately helps!
Along with the finer weather, our yard takes on a new life during the spring time.
The first instalment of this years stock of flowers and shrubs has arrived and adds a great splash of colour to our display of stoneware and garden items.Varieties available include many Japonicas, Carnations and Ceanothus to name but a few, all at reasonable prices.
Plants have been springing up everywhere recently with a number of troughs and  containers blooming again from previous years and new shoots coming to the trees along the river bank.
This natural environment is ideal for attracting wildlife. From the  trout in the stream at the bottom of the yard to the butterflys sunning themselves on the cotswold stone and the numerous birds that join us each spring.
Some of our regular customers will fondly recall our resident robin, 'Bob' who appears year in and  year out - ever present if you move a pallet in case it reveals any worms or insects!Also, I'm pleased to say that our swallows have returned to us for another year. We all get excited when we hear them arrive in the building after that unbelievably long journey.....
This year in particular we have a number of birds here and are discovering new nests pretty much on a daily basis. We try to work alongside our feathered friends so won't disturb any pallets where birds are nesting - this does however result in lost sales, for example the bluetits which nest inside a lamp post means that this won't be available for sale over the next few months!
As you may find hanging on the doors of luxury hotels, our yard is now littered with 'do not disturb' signs, protecting those nesting.

An exciting new addition to the wildlife here is a family of badgers and with our new toy of a trail camera we have been able to set up a 'badgercam' and see them in action. We hope to post updates of any activity here, on our blog...... our very own Springwatch!

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