Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Shepherds Hut

We have been lucky enough to take an original Shepherds hut into stock.
Originally used to accommodate shepherds through sheep raising and lambing, these moveable huts provided practical shelter. They were commonly used throughout the 19th Century but their popularity dwindled in the 20th Century with the increased use of farm machinery and with even remote farms receiving electric power.
The Shepherd Hut that we have here had been settled within local woodland and left static for some time.
A tractor, a telehandler, many men, numerous tools and a lot of will power managed to release the hut from its position and transport it to our yard here in Winchcombe.
This example has metal walls with a corrugated iron roof sat upon a wooden frame and iron wheels.
Although it is a compact little structure, it is full of character! Just waiting for our joiner to carry out some loving repairs....

Should this be of interest to you please feel free to contact us to discuss further 01242 609564 or

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