Monday, 3 February 2014

Materials for 2014

Following the Christmas break, now is the time to get organised for any upcoming projects that you have this year. In order to meet our customers needs, we have been increasing our stocks of reclaimed materials recently and can now offer large quantities of high quality building materials - many of which are already cleaned, processed, measured and palletised ready to go.
Current stock includes:

*  Over 300 M sq of top grade reclaimed external York flags. These are measured and palletised with measure sheets available upon request. A further 200 Msq of large Cathedral grade flags is also due into the yard this week.
*  Over 400 tonnes of reclaimed Cotswold building stone from recent demolition works, the majority of which is currently being cropped ready for re-use. A large quantity of suitable quoins included. We also have at least 200 tonnes of walling stone ready to go.
*  A vast amount of reclaimed cotswold stone tiles, both Stonesfield slates and Tetbury tile, along with stone ridge.
*  A number of reclaimed options for internal flooring from Blue lias and Limestone flags to original oak, pine and elm floorboards.

Feel free to call in and take a closer look or contact us with your requirements.

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