Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall.......

Introducing our new stock of wooden framed mirrors.
Mirrors have been used since the Middle Ages and over this time they have developed from shiny, slightly convex metal discs to the glass examples that are used today. They have become part of everyday life and are used for their decorative qualities as well as their practicality.
A well placed mirror can create a focal point within any room and , should the room be small, one mounted in a position to reflect light can give the impression of a great deal more space.
When choosing a wooden framed mirror, a couple of things should be considered. Firstly you need to think of the size that will be needed. Bear in mind the proportion of the room where it will be and the way in which it will be hung.
It is also beneficial to match your new mirror to your existing furniture so the type of timber, colouring, style and finish should all be taken into account.
Our new range of mirrors are varied in size and design from impressive, large scale examples to smaller, decorative pieces.
All of the wooden frames have been handmade using traditional techniques and reclaimed timber such as Victorian pine or original, aged oak.
We are also looking into providing a bespoke service to provide mirrors exactly to your requirements.
These will all be coming onto our website soon but please feel free to contact us or call in to take a closer look and choose the right mirror for you. And remember, once you are happy with your purchase and it has pride of place at home, a little vinegar and water will keep it sparkling!

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