Monday, 5 January 2015

Welcome back to 2015.......

All set up and ready for what the New Year has to offer!
We are constantly being complemented on being one of the tidiest reclamation yards known, being well organized with everything stored safely and displayed in a logical manner; meaning that our customers can easily find what they need. It also helps us to keep track of the large quantities of materials we have available!
Before Christmas, the yard was given a thorough 'tidy up' with stock being sorted and put away, the showroom getting a bit of a face-lift and everything being cleaned up ready for the New Year.
Here are just some of the changes made:
* Our large 'stone heap' has been moved away to create some additional car parking - it is now stored at one of our other sites, along with stone cropping facilities and a new masonry saw
* A new racking system has been put up to display our vast stock of roof fittings
* The upstairs showroom has been cleared out to provide a new display area for our reclaimed fire surrounds and furniture

We have continued to buy new stock over the Winter months and pride ourselves on being able to offer high quality reclaimed building materials in bulk quantities. Some of our current stock levels include:
* Over 500mSq of reclaimed York stone flags
* Extensive stocks of reclaimed Cotswold building and walling stone
* Various large batches of reclaimed bricks including both handmades and pressed bricks
* Healthy stocks of reclaimed stone tiles - but please be aware that orders are already in place for this year so we need as much notice for these as possible.....!
* Reclaimed floor boards including over 125Msq of Original oak flooring and over 100Msq of Victorian pine floorboards
* Numerous batches of reclaimed roof tiles and fittings, including a batch of over 20,000 machinemade tiles from a single job

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