Thursday, 14 May 2015

Reclaimed Cotswold Stone Tiles

We are specialist suppliers of reclaimed Cotswold Stone Tiles with a sound knowledge of both the product and it's application. We stock various stone tile in large quantities and also keep runs of reclaimed stone ridge in stock.
Our approach may be different to that of other suppliers. Rather than selling the reclaimed stone slates as they come off the roof, (mixed sizes, varying quality) our stock is sorted, measured, re-drilled if needed and re-dressed. This means that we work on very little or no waste and generate less labour for the roofer, preventing them from having to spend time sorting through a mixed cage to measure what tiles they have on site and how best to use them.
We offer site visits and consultations which enable us to provide a full quotation for your job and a batten schedule can be provided in advance.
We are available to purchase Cotswold stone slates that are due to be removed, stripping the tile ourselves if required. We also work closely with our nominated roofing contractors should you wish to look at a complete re-roofing project.
As we supply such high volumes of this material, it is advisable that you contact us with your requirements at the earliest opportunity as, at busy times, it is necessary for us to have a substantial lead-in time to fulfill orders.
Find out more about Traditional Cotswold Stone Roofing here or contact us to discuss things further: 01242 609564

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