Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Reclaimed Bricks......

If you are looking for reclaimed bricks for your project, Winchcombe Reclamation is an ideal place to start the search.
Maybe you are looking to match existing brickwork or simply wish to use reclaimed bricks within your build to instantly create that warm, lived-in look. Either way, we have a number of options available at any one time from local handmade bricks through to imperial wire cuts and blue engineering bricks.
All of our stock is hand sorted, cleaned and palletised for ready for use and, as we conduct our own demolition works, large batches of matching bricks are often available.
Our current stock includes the following:

reclaimed handmade bricks from winchcombe reclamation
4,000nr local Cheltenham handmades

7,000nr imperial wirecuts
12,000nr Worcestershire handmades
Why not visit our website to discover more about reclaimed bricks? Or simply contact us with your requirements.

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