Monday, 16 May 2016

Zaza's Blog - May 2016

221,.....222,......223,..... Oh sorry, you've caught me counting the stone tiles here at Winchcombe Reclamation. Besides being enlisted as a guard zebra at the side of the road and being a minor celebrity of Winchcombe in my spare time, I am now earning my keep by helping out in the yard.

So far I have been cleaning bricks, measuring out flagstones for orders and am now in charge of a stone tile stock take - it may take some time!!
The yard has been busy recently with people looking fro reclaimed materials for their projects and I've been enjoying meeting and greeting all o fthe customers. Why not call in? You'll find everything here from brick and roofing materials through to interior fittings and furniture.........

This month, the sun has been shinig and I've recently made friends with a familty of swallows which are showing an interest - I hope they don't try and nest in me!! I'm looking froward to see the circus comeing to town with Giffords setting up their big top in Sudeley grounds from May 19th and I'm also expecting to see a number of walkers passing by as part of the Winchcombe 2016 walking festival which runs from 20th - 22nd of May. And of course Toddington railway is in full swing so I can watch the steam trains and diesel engines go past. There's so much going on in Winchcombe at this time of year that it's easy to get distracted but I really must concentrate.
Now, where was I?   1,.....2,....3,.....

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