Friday, 13 September 2013


Now is the time to consider aything that may need doing to your fireplaces to ensure they are in working order, looking their best and ready for the colder season  which will soon be upon us. Maybe you have recently moved into a new property and can't bear to spend the Winter with that 1970's 'thing' in the corner, maybe you have been busy with renovation works throughout the Summer and have a newly discovered inglenook which had been hidden for years or maybe your current fireplace simply needs a little TLC before the family gathering at (dare I say it?!) Christmas.
There are many reclaimed materials available that could be used for such projects. We have a large range of reclaimed fireplaces in stock, from simple pine surrounds to original carved stone examples which would create a real focal point in any room.
Of course, you could build something to suit from scratch. Reclaimed quoins and building stone could be used beneath a large stone lintel to create a stone surround. Or maybe you would prefer brick uprights supporting a timber lintel in which case we have a range of reclaimed bricks available. From smooth faced wirecut bricks to slimmer handmade bricks which could be used for decorative brickwork such as a herringbone design; there is an extensive range available from our brickyard.
When it comes to selecting a timber lintel, you can take a look at our character beams. All of these have been processed by hand, treated and waxed ready to use - simply call in with the size that you require and select your favourite. We even have a number of large, curved beams in stock just waiting to go over an inglenook fireplace.
You also need to consider what to do for a hearth.Flagstones are a popular choice - they can be either random, rivened flags for a rustic finish or, if you are wanting to create a more formal look, reclaimed sawn York stone is a good option. We have also just taken delivery of a batch of large slate sheets which could be used. Once you have selected which material to use, we offer a cutting service if required.
Should you be unable to find the correct firplace from our stock here, our associated quarry offer a range of new Cotswold stone surrounds. These new stone fireplaces are cut to order - there are a number of designs to choose from and, as it is a bespoke service, measurements can be altered to suit your desired proportions.
As you know, the finishing touches can make a difference and we offer a collection of baskets, grates, decorative tiles and fenders to complete your project. Feel free to contact us with your requirements or, if possible, just call in and take a look around our yard for a little inspiration.

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