Monday, 21 October 2013

What's New?

We are always looking for fresh ideas and new ways for us to connect with our customers. This can be anything from updating our website and being involved with the world of social media to advertising and displaying new stock. Here are just a few things that we have been up to recently:

Room 101- We are forever being complimented on being one of the tidiest reclamation yards in the country with everything displayed neatly. But we still find there are ocassional items that just don't seem to find a place. This could be surplus stock, single odd items and general bits and pieces of building material that we accumalate over time. So, we have created 'Room 101' - a section on the website dedicated to move such things out of the yard. New items are uploaded here on a regular basis (often at reduced prices!) and there is a facility to purchase online. So, click here to have a look and see if anything catches your eye - we may just have exactly what you have been searching for, or you may spot a bargain that can't be missed.

Newsletter - We have started to send out a newsletter and there's no better way to keep our customers up to date with whats going on. These are sent out on a random basis, meaning we will only bother you when there is exciting news to share rather than cluttering up your inbox with repetitive sales jargon. The aim is to let people know of any interesting upcoming projects and give exclusive notice of materials due into stock. It couldn't be easier to join up for this - simply visit our website and click on the mailing list button.........

Showroom- Although we specialise in reclaimed building materials, it isn't only bricks and stone here. We also come across interior fittings, furniture and garden features. The inside showroom has been given a 'Spring clean' to display our range of reclaimed timbers, fireplaces and furniture and you're more than should be coming into stock soon so when you're ready to tackle Christmas shopping, you know where to start.....
welcome to come in and take a closer look. Small gift items suitable for Christmas

Website - There is always endless 'tweaking' with any website and ours is no different. Aside from adding details of any new stock, we have added some new features to keep it all up to date. We now have a search button and side menu to help navigate the increasingly large site, you can access all of our social media accounts directly from our home screen and don't forget you can now purchase things online through either the online store, WR Bazaar or Room 101. We believe that all these little things make a difference and hope you find it a pleasure to use. Why not click here and see what you think?
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