Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Zaza's Blog - October 2015

My name is 'Zaza'and you may have seen me appear on the side of the road as you enter Winchcombe from Broadway. You may well be wondering what a 20ft tall sculpture of a zebra is doing here, so I thought it's best to introduce myself......
The inspiration came from Winchcombe Reclamation who arranged my construction. I support the plight of my cousin, the Grevy's zebra - quickly becoming one o fthe most endangered species due to hunting and loss of habitat - and what better way to highlight this cause than by constructing a larger than life figure by the roadside?
I am the creation of Cornwall-based artist Dave Danson Hill and one of a series of sculptures of endangeres pecies. I started my life here in the Cotswolds as just single sheets of wood but, with the addition of cleverly placed battens and metal stripes I now really look the part.
I'm settling in well to my new home in the reclamation yard at Winchcombe but in the future, with the help of associated wildlife charities, I may well embark on an adventure to raise awareness for this cause....
In the meantime, keep an eye out for my stories and updates and don't forget to wave as you go past!

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